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April 1, 2011

About Wow Miracles

When a miracle happens to us, we're filled with an unbelievable feeling of gratitude and joy
WowMiracles is about sharing all that miracles in our lives

Share your miracles,
so others can be inspired
so that they don't lose hope and continue doing the best that they can
so they too believe that miracles really do happen :)

Share your miracles briefly and straight to the point :)
- write in the comment box on the front page of this blog

Share your miracles in 140 characters or less
- tweet your miracles to me & I'll RT them

Miracles can be just about anything
A perfect day
A smile from a stranger
Solutions that come unexpectedly
Financial problems solved
A birth of a child
An illness healed
Life saved
the sound of birds chirping after a storm
anything :)
We're surrounded with miracles

You can also put the banner/logo in your blog/website
as a reminder of :
- your previous miracles,
- the current miracles that you're not aware of
- the miracles that are yet to come
so you remain grateful in everything you do in your lives.

Have a miraculous life :)

networkofpies at gmail dot com

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